I Guess I’m Starting a Blog

I am a writer.  I think I more or less always was.  That may seem impossible.  I can hear you saying, “Surely you weren’t writing direct from the womb.”  No (silly goose), but I’ve always had a vivid imagination.  I’ve always had incredible dreams.  That is as good a place to start as any.

I started putting pen to paper in Middle school.  I wrote poems and short stories.  My diaries were filled with over-exaggerated portrayals of my everyday experiences.  In sixth grade I started my first long story (with chapters and everything.  Be nice!!  That was a big deal for me then).  I completed two by the end of seventh grade.  They were shoddy at best but the pleasure of seeing my imaginings written out on notebook paper was unparalleled.  (They have since mysteriously gone missing…)

I continued to write poems, mostly goofy nonsense, all through high school.  (I remember one in particular that I wrote about a Bible teacher of mine who had the distinct mannerisms of a Tyrannosaurus.  I tried to share my creation with the student next to me and was immediately shunned.  Perhaps they feared its gentle rhythms.  Perhaps because they were trying to pay attention in class.  Perhaps it was the drawing of my teacher as a T-rex on top.  It’s difficult to say…)  After graduation, life got in the way.  I wrote rarely, mostly free verse poetry when I was hurting.  Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than guiding your heart through your pen to help the overflow of emotions seep into a blank white slate.

After I got married, my imagination was full of plots and poems.  One day it overflowed onto a word document, creating my first real novel.  It is still in progress, but one day (whether through a publisher or by myself) I am going to publish it.

I do not pretend I am the best writer that ever lived, (being an avid reader that would be a horrific statement to make) or even that I do not have much to learn.  What I do know is this.  I love writing.  I love creating.  I love reading.  I love poetry.  This blog is meant to share that love with others.

So lay your favorite blanket across your knees, pour a cup of tea, and I will tell you a story or let my heart sing you a song.

Once upon a time…

Author: Rachel Svendsen

Rachel is a poet and writer from Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and children. Her short story "Filling the Silence" received an honorable mention in the 2019 Story Embers short story competition.

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