Could I List Your Faults?

Could I list your faults?(Not easily Darling)
You snore(but you’re warm beside me)
You leave your shoes around(but always wash the dishes)
You never put your ties away(but you kiss me while it slips from your hand onto the floor)
You talk in your sleep(but you favourite phrase waking or sleeping is ‘I love you’)
Could I list your faults?(not without your virtues)

© Rachel Svendsen 2015

Author: Rachel Svendsen

Rachel is a poet and writer from Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and children. Her short story "Filling the Silence" received an honorable mention in the 2019 Story Embers short story competition.

17 thoughts on “Could I List Your Faults?”

  1. this girl’s obviously in love! i wish so many of there terribly sad women out there who have been … pardon the expression .,.. shit on by … pardon the expression … these asshole guys … could read some of the things you write … maybe they’d have better taste in men … ANYWAY … you are so nice … really! to come by and see me so … frequently. you must really like what i write and that makes me feel so good … so, thank you for making me feel so good … thank you for liking my words and thoughts … you’re a sweet girl …, whoops … is that ok to say? i mean it ..,. thanks again …, ks

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