I want to believe I have this under control. I want to believe if they just give me another 6 or 9 months I can figure this out.

Salt Stained Rain

After a while, people stop wanting to hear about what you've been through. And I feel guilty talking about it half the time anyway, because I doubt my memories, and even when I stand firm, people still don't believe me. My birth family surely doesn't. They called me a liar, a lover of drama and... Continue Reading →

Maybe Next Year…

But I am of the eternal diaspora. One of many wandering children dwelling in tents in this vast wilderness. Home is a memory that I can’t remember. Rust and decay have eaten away at its core and corrupted its foundations.

Sonnets for Advent: Monday week 4

Based on Zephaniah 3:14-17 Sing aloud for joy, O Zion! Shout!O Israel rejoice will all your heart.Though you have fallen and rebelliouslyrailed against the LORD your God, He hasnot left you helpless in your sin but hastaken from you all the charges laid atyour door. All your enemies are vanquished.The True King of Kings now... Continue Reading →

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