Sonnet No. 2

Sometimes it seems like we have always been.
Was there a time without a You and I?
So tell me darling how could I begin,
To dream of life without you by my side?
So here I stand your hand in mine to ask,
If you would let me change your name to mine.
Though living life can be a fearful task,
Together even darkest days will shine.
If you accept this ring and take my heart,
I’ll walk beside you till the day we die.
For only death my dear could ever part,
Two hearts that fit so well as you and I.

My dear one take this ring I offer you
And make that solemn sacred vow, “I do.”

© Rachel Svendsen 2014

Our First Sunrise

Wisps of light feather from the horizon
The clouds are shaded shadows
Barely visible
The early morning sand is cool
It smells of salt
I run my fingers through the smooth grains
Frothy white waves whisper soothing songs
Their bow lazily lilts across the violin of shore
I close my eyes and let the song envelope me
Inhale it into my chest
The birds chant their descant
Your hand is warm
You’re still waking
Brown curls uncombed
Brown eyes still bleary
But lovely, tender
Happy to share this moment
“It’s starting.”
My eyes open
The sun arrives and blows the moon a kiss
The moon bows lovingly from view as all eyes fall on her
Shaded light rends the horizon
Waves welcomely kiss the colors
It spreads in rippled reflection in the mirrored eyes of seawater
Rising dawn
Rising sun
Warmth spreads through me
Not from dawn
Not from sun
From your hand

© Rachel Svendsen 2014


The sun has set
But your tired eyes aren’t closing yet
So close them now my little love
And let my voice from up above
Flow over you
Over you

Your breathing slows
Your numbing senses ebb and flow
So put your busy mind to rest
Just lay your head against my breast
And let it fade
Let it fade

My love rest on
Let sleep remain with you ’til dawn
You’re warm and safe when I am near
You know the heartbeats in your ear
Are all for you
All for you

© Rachel Svendsen 2014