About Me

I am a writer. I believe I always have been. I’ve been putting pen to paper since Middle school, when I first began to write poems, stories, and dramatic diary entries. I even wrote two cheesy novellas in 6th grade. They are gone. I burned them, and thus the world became a better place.

My focus blurred after high school, giving other hopes and dreams precedence over the voices in my head. In the summer of 2013 while on vacation in Lancaster, PA, I wrote the first chapter of Immortal Bond in the middle of the night on my iPad. It became my first completed novel. My whole life shifted. The suppressed ideas in my head constantly fight for precedence, so I’ve spent the last years flipping back and forth between them. In August of 2014, I left my job to become a full time writer. I currently have 9 novels in varied stages of production and notebooks full of ideas for more.

Immortal Bond is fantasy, one of my favorite things to read and write. It gave birth to two other books, and as a result, needs some major editing and rewriting. My other completed novel is called Through This Darkness. It was originally intended to be three classic love stories woven together, but I became so attached to two of my characters that their story became the only one that I wanted to tell. This is the novel I am currently pitching to Literary Agents, as a first step towards getting it published.

This blog is a conglomeration of my thoughts, short stories, and poetry, as well as updates on my writing/publishing progress. It has been a fun journey here over the past years. Thanks for stopping by!


123 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Let me be honest. I clicked on your blog link because I saw your profile picture and found you to be INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. It was refreshing to know you are as intelligent as you are beautiful. I wish to say no more than this – I wish you eternal peace and happiness. People like you have the power to influence many lives and I hope you do.


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  2. I think your mother must have been singing to you ‘in utero’ . . . Nice introduction to your blog – I look forward to reading some of your verse . . . Blessings . . .

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  3. Hi! Great About page. Nice to learn about you. Thanks for your recent like on my blog learningtocry.wordpress.com I really appreciate it. 🙂
    I look forward to reading your writing.
    I love writing as well. It is at the top of my list of favorite things and my list is very long. 🙂

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  4. I found your blog in Rob’s nomination list (V-Pub). So glad I did! I connected so much with your introduction. We have had similar experiences with writing (except I still haven’t figured out how to write a book lol!). Looking forward to following you!

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      1. Not at all! I hope you have fun filling it out 🙂 If you have the time, of course. I’m sure you’re quite busy with your novel. Congrats by the way! Hope everything works out.

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