Sonnets for Advent: Friday week 3

Based on John 9:1-7 Oh Father, why did you make me so bro-ken? Sometimes it feels like I cannot walk.I limp along alone in darkness, blindand helpless. Why? Who sinned that you inflictme thus? Is there purpose in the darknessthat floods my senses? And He answered, "Yes.There always is a purpose and that pur-pose is... Continue Reading →

Sonnets for Advent: Saturday week 2

based on 1 Peter 2:5-9 Behold, in Zion God has laid a stone,a cornerstone, a precious chosen foun-dation to His glorious plan of re-demption. The garden temple of E-den was lost to us by means of Adam'ssin, which taints each living soul but one:New Adam, Jesus, cornerstone laid down,and we renewed and living stones are... Continue Reading →

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