Reasons Why I Am a Cat

I used to be torn between being a dog person, a cat person, or a beaver person. But I’ve lately concluded that I am for cats. We understand each other, the cat and I. I can say this with certainty, because I have also discovered that there is a distinct possibility I am a cat. Here are some reasons why I think this…

I am evil, surly, and vindictive
Sometimes I get cranky

3ZsLGbLCat’s are known for their abrupt mood swings. One minute they want you here, the next they want you gone. One minute they want to be outside, the next they want in. And Saint Francis help you if you don’t open the door when asked, because you’ll find yourself  to be treated to a harrowing rendition of the native felis catus death chant. Sometimes, I too can find myself feeling… a little off. Thankfully, I stopped biting around the age of nine.

Napping is Essential

I need more sleep than most normal adult people I know. In fact, there are some days IMG_3818that if I neglect my nap, by the time I get to bed that night I’m so tired I cry like my five-year-old brother-in-law when he’s allowed to stay up past his bedtime. Some of this behavior may be due to my battle with insomnia, but whatever the reason, curling up in a ball under a fuzzy blanket is pretty much an essential part of my daily schedule.

I Like Being Cuddled

Cats like to be cuddled and have their heads scratched. They’ll sleep atop their favorite owner to share their warmth. I too like cuddles and having my hand squeezed or hair played with. However, should I suddenly decide, in the middle of the night, that I don’t want my husband’s arm around me, I will push it off me and drape it over his chest then curl up and purr contentedly into my pillow alone.

I Am an Introvert

Not too long ago, the tagline of my website here told you this fact, but since I’ve changed the setup hereabouts I’ll bring you newcomers up to date. Cats are introverted Why-Introverts-Are-Like-Catsanimals just as much as dogs are extroverted. In fact, if you’re not certain of the differences between an introvert and an extrovert, just look at a dog and a cat. Dogs freak when new people come around. They like pets and plays and activity and parties and sticking their tongues into stranger’s mouths. Cats, not so much. They pretty much operate alone. Sure, if they like you they’ll miss you, and probably even tear the house to shreds to show you just what they think of your going away for two days, but they’re not likely to spend the baby shower you host working the room like so many social butterflies. More than likely, they’re doing what I do, hiding in some corner hoping that the little children won’t pull my tail.

© Rachel Svendsen 2016



The day’s fading fast now.
Your dreaming won’t keep.
I take hold of your hand as you’re falling asleep.
Since you can’t wait up for me, you go on upstairs,
And keep the covers warm darling,
I’ll join you there.

When we said I do I knew how it would be.
You’ve been awake twenty years more than me.
So I’ve saved a place for me, beside you in bed,
With a single shared pillow of stone for our head.

My day’s fading fast now,
And dreaming won’t keep.
This will be my last visit before I fall asleep.
I put my lips to cold stone and I kiss you goodnight.
“I’ll be with you soon lover. Until then, sleep tight.”

© Rachel Svendsen 2015

“Call In Sick…”

I try it at least once a week
It never works
It never will
But I won’t stop trying…

I wrap my arms around your neck
Kiss your cheek
“Don’t go.”
You smile.
“But I have to.”
I pull you back down.
“But you’re warm.”
You hit the snooze button one last time
I snuggle close
Your fingers smooth my hair
Electronic bells tinkle in a vain attempt at melodic warnings of passing time
You groan and roll your feet to the floor
I tug your shirt
“Call in sick.”
My suggestion earns me a chuckle accompanied kiss before you rise to get dressed for work.
I drop back with a groan.
“I hate you,” I whisper tenderly.
“I love you too,” you reply.

© Rachel Svendsen 2014