Best Laid Schemes…

I’ve been meticulously methodical about sending my novels out for representation to the point where, last month, I called myself out for being utterly ridiculous. And, as J.R.R. Tolkien said,

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.”

IMG_5062So, I decided to take March off from writing new things and focus on querying for Us. I knew it would be hard and that I’d be scared and maybe even polish off one or two containers of antacids before April rolled around, but this thing won’t happen on its own.

I started out well. Then one day I unwittingly began to mull over some old cut material from a first draft of my fantasy trilogy. They were scenes I liked and plot points I enjoyed, so I hoped that one day I could resurrect them in something else. I chewed on bites and pieces of them over the next two days until something lit a fuse and my brain exploded.


It was madness. It was fever. In the space of a week I had over 90,000 words in a document, over 50,000 of that are brand new. And that word count doesn’t even take into consideration the 10k+ that I scribbled into my paper journals. One day I wrote for almost 10 hours straight. When I rose from my desk, I wandered the rooms hardly present, my head was clouded with voices and scenes from another world. I lost tons of sleep, had difficulty entering into conversations that did not involve me talking through the rough patches of my story outline, and ignored my husband when he called me to meals.

Thankfully, it’s dying down now, as I’ve rough drafted all the scenes in my head and thought through the outline enough to know how the story is shaping itself. I’ve got three new characters I adore, one of which is probably my most morally complicated character to date.

So my departure date for the long trip that is the publishing process is pushed back again because I love what I do too much. I sometimes have this morbid sensation that I’m going to die with over 20 completed novels sitting in files on my laptop.

…that being said, I think I’ll work on query letters after I finish writing this blogpost. 😉


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6 thoughts on “Best Laid Schemes…

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  1. If it brings you joy, I’d say it’s definitely okay to keep writing. Plus, 50k+ new words in one week? That’s so awesome! Congrats, Rachel.

    I only hope to have that kind of fire in me someday. 🙂 To writing & the inspiration that obliterates our best laid plans!

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  2. I have a few books and articles in my bottom drawer, some written many years ago, although recently I have been digging out poems written as long ago as 1962 and finding good poetic ideas that just needed what i have learned in the meantime (technical skills included). i didn’t publish my first book until I was 42. And it went through 5 drafts plus polishing…as long as you are writing, its all good and may come good one day, will come good in one form …or another form.

    in the meantime…the writing of it itself is the greatest reward…although it took me a few books published before I realised that. Not that it is not rewarding to know people are reading your stuff and that you are reaching them – thats not something you have entire control over, and there is a lot of chance and luck involved in having your stuff land on an editors desk on just the right day etc…

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