Umm…Can We Talk?

So about yesterday’s blogpost…


It wasn’t supposed to go up. I don’t know what made me think I could schedule it unfinished, unedited, and, worst of all, without pictures. *gasp* But I did and I forgot to turn it back into a draft and thusly it posted as told.

It has therefore vanished until a date at which it can be edited into the shape I originally intended it to be.

For those of you who subscribe, congrats! You just received my raw, unedited ramblings, full of run ons, loads of unnecessary words, and a few paragraphs of personal information that I wasn’t yet certain I wanted to share with the world at large. If you decide you want to read the eventually to be posted real draft, you’ll get a small glimpse at the difference between my first and second/third drafts. Which I know you were DYING to know. You’ve also got a fairly good idea of what my journal entries look like, which, again, was not something I wanted to share with the world at large.

*shrug* C’est la vie. Mea culpa. Sorry.


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