When I Say, “I Love You”

You say you love me more than any man has ever loved a woman That's absurd Cliche But may I tell you something? I believe you. I too have run out of words for you Already? So soon? You're too wonderful Too consuming Too perfect I could kiss you until my breath ceased I could... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Little Angel

Merry Christmas Little Angel, Looking down from Heaven above. Mommy's arms are aching for you, Wishing she could show her love. I know you have a sweeter view, In a painless, perfect place. Half my heart is happy for you, Half just wants to touch your face. God please hold my baby for me, Give... Continue Reading →

Home is…

Home is… Home is a cup of chamomile tea a fuzzy blanket a classic novel oversized sweat pants your t-shirt Home is fresh homemade bread eggs, sunny side up, in bed Champions League Football Mythbusters reruns Lord of the Rings Legos Home is waking up beside you a warm embrace a goodnight kiss two-day stubble... Continue Reading →

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