When I Say, “I Love You”

You say you love me more than any man has ever loved a woman
That’s absurd
But may I tell you something?
I believe you.

I too have run out of words for you
So soon?
You’re too wonderful
Too consuming
Too perfect

I could kiss you until my breath ceased
I could look into your eyes until your brilliance blinded me
I could…

I’ve given you my heart
My hand
My body
My life
Yet it does not seem enough

When I say, “I love you”
Can you fathom the truth contained in those words?
The layers and depth of meaning drop down to the atomic level of my being
Every cell of me cries out to give you more

I love you.


7 of the best years together
2 of them as man and wife
❤ Happy Anniversary Timothy ❤

© Rachel Svendsen 2014

Merry Christmas Little Angel

Merry Christmas Little Angel

Merry Christmas Little Angel,
Looking down from Heaven above.
Mommy’s arms are aching for you,
Wishing she could show her love.

I know you have a sweeter view,
In a painless, perfect place.
Half my heart is happy for you,
Half just wants to touch your face.

God please hold my baby for me,
Give his little face a kiss.
He was Yours, Lord, long before,
I knew his heartbeat to exist.

I couldn’t give a greater gift,
Then anything he has with You.
God, help my heart move past the hurting,
And see Christmas from his view.

My babe, I longed to see your wonder,
When we lit our Christmas tree.
But the lights you see shine brighter,
Than my blind eyes have yet to see.

God I know You know my losses,
As you watched Your own son die.
I give my child back to You Lord,
You love him even more than I.

So, blow some kisses down to Mommy,
She’ll blow some back up to you.
Merry Christmas Little Angel,
Down here I’m still missing you. ❤

© Rachel Svendsen 2014

Home is…

Home is…

Home is a cup of chamomile tea
a fuzzy blanket
a classic novel
oversized sweat pants
your t-shirt

Home is fresh homemade bread
eggs, sunny side up, in bed
Champions League Football
Mythbusters reruns
Lord of the Rings Legos

Home is waking up beside you
a warm embrace
a goodnight kiss
two-day stubble on your cheek
your lips on my neck

Home is…

Home is you.

© Rachel Svendsen 2014