When I Say, “I Love You”

You say you love me more than any man has ever loved a woman
That’s absurd
But may I tell you something?
I believe you.

I too have run out of words for you
So soon?
You’re too wonderful
Too consuming
Too perfect

I could kiss you until my breath ceased
I could look into your eyes until your brilliance blinded me
I could…

I’ve given you my heart
My hand
My body
My life
Yet it does not seem enough

When I say, “I love you”
Can you fathom the truth contained in those words?
The layers and depth of meaning drop down to the atomic level of my being
Every cell of me cries out to give you more

I love you.


7 of the best years together
2 of them as man and wife
❤ Happy Anniversary Timothy ❤

© Rachel Svendsen 2014

19 thoughts on “When I Say, “I Love You”

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  1. Rachel, that was beautiful and touching. I feel the heartfelt honestly and sincerity. May God continue to bless your marriage and a very happy anniversary to you both as well.

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