Charlotte is screaming in my head

i named Her Charlotte after Bertha Mason
(this makes sense in my screaming head)
She climbs the walls of my skull
alternately laughing and crying
and always screaming
always, always screaming

i get so desperate to shut her up that i caress danger
cold knives graze my fingertips
just a little harder
bleed the wound
warm baths invite me to inhale
just roll over
breathe me in

i’m certain one day i’ll open my mouth and She’ll come crawling out
a worm, a demon slithering out my unhinged jaw
She’ll roll and roll and echo until i pass out and wake up to cold, sterile white

Charlotte is screaming in my head

can’t You hear Her?
(She’s all i hear in my screaming head)
She wanders the candlelit halls
scratching her skin till it bleeds
and screaming
always, always screaming

Your lips are moving
i look through you, alternately puzzled and anxious

can’t (sorrycanyourepeatthat) you (focusrachelfocus) hear (thismusicisprettyloudhuh) her (Jesusthenothersthanyou) screaming?




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