i’m dragging my feet…

i’m dragging my feet 
to bed (to bed)
shattered and aching
half dead, half dead
with exhaustion

i’m tired and i need
to sleep, to rest
i can’t take anymore of
this tangled mess
around me

the darkness of sleep seems
so welcoming
the warmth of unconsciousness,
blanket of peace
and lilies


walk on for there’s still work
to do (to do)
and people relying
on you, on you
to be conscious

LORD i don’t know why you
keep me awake
Your Word is the reason
i hesitate
to swallow

(God, exhaustion is leaving me hollow)

so since it’s ordained that
i stay awake
please shepherd me homeward
and walk along
beside me

(cause You’re all that’s still living inside me.)

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