What Good is a Roll without Butter?

My mother’s despaired moan came from the backseat. “They forgot the butter for my roll.”

“No?” my grandmother gasped in horror.

“Yes!” She dropped it back into the paper bag from which it came. “What good is a roll without butter?” she mumbled.

I was driving. There was a lovely lilting rhythm to my mother’s words. My brain quickly composed a little ditty. I silently willed it to stay in my sieve-like brain until we made our next stop, at which point, I pulled out my handy-dandy-notebook and wrote the captured words out before they broke free like stallions into the wild frontiers of forgotten memories. (The wild, fresh smell of the grass and allurement of so many companions must be the draw.)

What good is a roll without butter,
Or marmalade on it to smother?
It’s just useless bread,
And better off dead.
What good is a roll without butter?

I recited my creation to my mother. She nodded vigorously. “You tell them!” she concurred.
Next step in the process, text my goofy creation to some appreciative party. This is usually one of two people, my husband, who was currently working and would be unable to chuckle for hours, or my brother-in-law, who usually responds within an hour on the average day.

My brother-in-law and I have an odd relationship. He is quickly becoming my closest friend. I can’t quite put a finger on when this started, it probably had something to do with our mutual obsession with literature, but we text nearly every day and I often find myself literally laughing out loud at our incomprehensible conversations.

I typed out my limerick-ish poem and sent it off into text-land. My mother and I deposited my Grandmother at home then trotted off to the gym. I was reading Mere Christianity on the incumbent bike when my iPhone made the Perry the Platypus sound. That means an incoming text. Instead of the expected “HAHA” or emote con, I received the following response.

In response I must say that a butter less roll,
May yet still be used as an onion soup bowl.
Take a knife and a spoon and scoop out a large hole.
Add soup and eat up, for it’s good for your soul!

I burst out laughing. The truth was I should have been anticipating something like this. Pleased as punch, I composed the proper response.

What good is a beach without sand,
A soft place for your butt to land?
For if it were rocks,
‘Twould ruin your socks!
What good is a beach without sand?

My day rolled forward. Hours later I looked at my phone to see the following answer.

A sandless beach, I think you will find,
Can be lots of fun if there’s rocks to be climbed!
You can stand on the top looking out to the sea,
Solid rock at your feet, spread your arms! You are free!

I burst into peals of laughter. My husband insisted on knowing what happened. I shared the conversation with my beloved then began to beat my head for another question.
“What good is a feast without food?” my husband offered. I snapped my fingers at his brilliance and typed into my phone.

What good is a feast without food?
You’ll have to agree that it’s rude.
The guests would be mad,
And that would be bad.
What good is a feast without food?

My response came a while later.

Man shall not live by bread alone.
They could sit in a circle, play telephone.
Let fellowship take the place of the yeast.
Friendship will out at an un-fooded feast.

This was his best one yet. I dangled one more before his eyes.

What good is a day without sun?
I don’t think it would be much fun.
For I need sun to tan,
Or I won’t get a man.
What good is a day without sun?

My response came about 12 hours later.

What could be better than a sunless day?
With books and tea, inside you can stay!
And as for your tan, you’ve already got a man
And he will love you either way.

I smiled.

Me: You’re hilarious by the way.
Jon: Thank you :p

I love my brother in law. 🙂

© Rachel Svendsen 2014

25 thoughts on “What Good is a Roll without Butter?

Add yours

  1. OH! I rejoice in this find!
    A beautiful poetic mind!
    With a flick of her pen she makes pictures within
    my heart, changed, transformed with truth, entwined!

    Humor and resonant words
    mixed with love like a flock of white birds
    settled down on a lake for a quick flying break
    to the delight of this small goatherd…

    who was hovering, there in the hills
    dreamy walking without many frills
    and then over the din I hear your poems within
    and now heaven’s vibrations bring thrills.

    Shoot…I give up…suffice to say I loved the spontaneity and love that is dripping from that post…and it tickled me so, that very first one, and made me want to paddle all the way to Limerick with a canoe from Nantucket, etc etc lolol!

    Thank you so much for opening a door for my heart to walk thru!
    Love, Charissa Grace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Could I but find the words to say my thanks,
      For such a lovely compliment as this.
      A simple smile or thank you is too small
      Instead I’ll bow my head and blow a kiss.
      I love your comment! You’re awesome. 😉 Thanks again for the beautiful compliment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To me it sounds like you have a splendid relationship with the English language – not only with your family…
    It is great to discover gifted young people ! Thanks for visiting my blog. Please see my mini-stories. I also like to write but only short pieces at a time. Sometimes my free verses are longer than my prose pieces … love to write, don’t you ???

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi-

    I should at least show a little courtesy and say thank you for perusing my stuff 😉
    Your time is a great compliment.

    You have a nice ‘back porch’ too-

    c ya again soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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