Sonnet: John 14:1-6

Let not your heart be troubled God reminds, Our life is hid with Jesus Christ on high. So brethren let us shake the ties that bind, Us fast onto things that can't satisfy. Our tears and sufferings may drag us low, And make us feel devoid of hope or song, But Jesus left us here... Continue Reading →

About Your…

Arms… Warm, firm, perfect- ly suited to fit around my body; to hold me. Hands… Strong, soft, gentle touch from the palms pressed to mine and squeezing. Fingers… White, smooth, loving touch sends sparks through my skin. Blood turns To fire. Eyes… Deep, warm, smiling, sweet; Holds my gaze, for all my earth- ly days.... Continue Reading →

What Good is a Roll without Butter?

My mother’s despaired moan came from the backseat. “They forgot the butter for my roll.” “No?” my grandmother gasped in horror. “Yes!” She dropped it back into the paper bag from which it came. “What good is a roll without butter?” she mumbled. I was driving. There was a lovely lilting rhythm to my mother’s... Continue Reading →

Johnny Johnny Jack

Johnny Johnny Jack was a hypochondriac Each ache and pain would put him in a stew. He drove his folks insane ‘bout the tumor in his brain, And how his liver function was askew. Johnny Johnny Jack was a hypochondriac. His cabinet a banquet hall of pills. A full colorful display that could chase his... Continue Reading →

The Great Escape

On a dark and stormy night, Two cows were on a mission, Wandering through the soggy fields, In search of ammunition. For farmer Jim was plotting thus, To slaughter them for meat. They knew this was their only chance, They’d have to be discreet. The ducks were watching from the wall, To warn if he... Continue Reading →

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