Sonnets for Advent: Sunday week 1

This year my home church is doing daily readings for Advent. I got pretty excited at the idea of a corporate reading exercise. This excitement dovetailed in my mind with my current exercises in scripture poetry. I thought I would try to turn our daily Advent readings into sonnets.

i’m dragging my feet…

i’m dragging my feet to bed (to bed)shattered and achinghalf dead, half deadwith exhaustion i’m tired and i needto sleep, to resti can't take anymore ofthis tangled messaround me the darkness of sleep seemsso welcomingthe warmth of unconsciousness,blanket of peaceand lilies No. walk on for there’s still workto do (to do)and people relyingon you, on youto... Continue Reading →


Charlotte is screaming in my head i named Her Charlotte after Bertha Mason(this makes sense in my screaming head)She climbs the walls of my skullalternately laughing and cryingand always screamingalways, always screaming i get so desperate to shut her up that i caress dangercold knives graze my fingertipsjust a little harderbleed the woundwarm baths invite... Continue Reading →

UNCLEAN: a poem

If I could carve a word into my armI think that it would be the word “UNCLEAN.”I feel an outcast everywhere I goand bring a curse on everyone I love.So if you see me shifting to the sha-dows of the room, away from everyone,it’s probably because I am afraidyou’ll realize what I already know. It... Continue Reading →

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